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The Royal Canadian Regiment
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The Royal Canadian Regiment was created in 1922 as a single battalion from the amalgamation of the Royal Northumberland Regiment and the Royal Rifles of Canada. It is the oldest of the three Services' infantry regiments. It has a rich history and an impressive list of battle honours earned in around the world.

Formed in Montreal in 190the RCR is the oldest regiment in the Canadian Army.

The Royal Canadian Regiment was formed in Montreal in early 1870 by Lieutenant Colonel Sir Frederick William Hall. Its first two battalions were raised in response to the Fenian Raids (a rebellion in Ireland) and the threat of American intervention in the Fenian struggle. The regiment's motto, Neminem excitare, translates to ‘Fight for no one but yourself.’

The regiment was granted its royal designation in 19from King George V.

The Royal Canadian Regiment, known simply as The RCR, is one of the oldest in the British Army and was established in 1866 as the Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry. The regiment is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is the only infantry regiment in the Canadian Army, and one of only two regular infantry regiments in the Commonwealth.

The regiment has three service battalions, the 1st Battalion, 2nd Battalion and 3rd Battalion, and a reserve unit, the 4th Battalion.

The Royal Canadian Regiment was formed through the amalgamation of the three remaining regiments of Canada’s military forces: The Royal 22nd Regiment, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, and The Royal Sussex Regiment. The amalgamation was made possible following the unification of the Canadian Forces under the name of the Canadian Army in 1968, with the three regiments being made up of two infantry battalions each and a separate training unit.

The RCR is a light infantry regiment with a rifle company, an assault company, a sniper detachment, a mortar platoon and a machine gun platoon.

The Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) is the primary rifle regiment of the Canadian Army. The regiment is based at CFB Kingston, Ontario, and has a proud history dating back as far as the early years of the Second World War. The regiment is the oldest active infantry regiment in the Canadian military and has served in every major engagement in which Canada has been involved since its inception. Be it war, peacekeeping operations or domestic operations, the RCR has always been there to ensure the safety and security of the Canadian people.

The RCR is one of three infantry battalions in the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.

The Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) is a federal regiment of infantry in the Canadian Forces. It was formed in 1936 by the amalgamation of the Princess Patricia's Regiment and the Royal Montreal Regiment. The regiment's official title is The Royal Canadian Regiment, perpetuated by the Princess Patricia's Regiment. Its headquarters is in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The regiment has a long history of service and has taken part in many important battles and operations.

Since its founding in 1966, the Royal Canadian Regiment has taken part in more than 65 operations and deployments. The regiment has served in Cyprus, the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Iraq.

The RCR has a long tradition of service.

Since its first incarnation in the early 1800s, the RCR has served Canada and its allies with pride and distinction. The regiment’s history is one of service and sacrifice, and it continues to serve today in Afghanistan and domestically in Canada.


The RCR is one of the oldest regiments in the world. Their first appearance in North America dates back to the French and Indian War in the 1750s. Since then, they have earned a reputation for being one of the toughest and bravest fighting forces in the world. While the regiment has seen action in almost every war fought by the Canadian Forces, they are best known for their roles in the two world wars and the Korean War.

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