The Regimental Memorial of The Royal Canadian Regiment, located at Wolseley Barracks in London Ontario.

Wolseley Barracks has been the home of the 1st and 2nd Battalions and the Regimental Depot.

Wolseley Barracks remains the home of the 4th Battalion and the Regimental Museum.

The Canadian Unknown Soldier

The body of the soldier that was formerly buried in Plot 8, Row E, Grave 7, of the Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery in Souchez, France, near the memorial at Vimy Ridge, the site of the first major battle where Canadian troops fought as a combined force. At the request of the Canadian government, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission selected one of the 1,603 graves of unknown Canadians buried in the vicinity of Vimy Ridge. The remains of the soldier were exhumed on the morning of May 16, 2000, and the coffin was flown in a Canadian Forces aircraft to Ottawa on May 25, accompanied by a guard of honour, a Chaplain, Royal Canadian Legion veterans, and representatives of Canadian youth. In Ottawa, the unknown soldier lay in state for three days.

On the afternoon of May 28, the body of the unknown soldier was transported from Parliament Hill to the National War Memorial on a horse-drawn gun carriage provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Governor General Adrienne Clarkson and Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, as well as veterans, Canadian Forces personnel, and members of the RCMP, were in the funeral procession. Then, with appropriate ceremony, the body of the unknown soldier was re-interred in a sarcophagus in front of the War Memorial.

At the former burial site of the unknown soldier, a grave marker similar to the other headstones in the Cabaret-Rouge Cemetery has been placed on the now-empty grave. The marker is inscribed with these words:



Regimental Roll of Honour

The following pages constitutes the most recent Roll of Honour of Royal Canadians. Omissions, corrections and additional details may be forwarded to the Regimental Adjutant or the Webmaster.

List of Recent Fallen Comrades

DateRankGiven NamesSurnameLocation
1 Sep 2013Donald S.
MillerKingston, On
Donald S. "Dusty" Miller passed away this past weekend. Born 18 May 1934 he was 79 years of age. Dusty Miller served in the Canadian army for 25 years. He was a member of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the Canadian Guards; from 06 July 1970 he served in 3rd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment. Dusty enjoyed people and life but most of all his family, western novels and the Toronto Maple Leafs. He will be missed!
2 July 2013Sgt (Ret'd)R.M.L.
JonesLondon, On
Sergeant R.M.L. "Bob" Jones (Ret'd) passed away on 02 July 2013. Sergeant Jones is well remembered for his service in "A" Company (not known as "Dukes" Company for two more decades), 1st Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment, during the early and mid 1960s. He was Transport Sergeant of "A" Company during the tour by 1 RCR at Fort York, Soest, West Germany, 02 December 1962 - 15 November 1965. The Battalion had deployed from Camp Ipperwash in late 1962 and upon return to Canada in 1965, 1 RCR was stationed at Wolseley Barracks, London, Ontario for the first time since November 1955. Following repatriation to Canada, Sergeant Bob Jones was posted from 1 RCR to CFB London. He served as the Mess Manager of the Home Station Sergeants Mess at London until approximately 1968.
5 Aug 2013Sgt (Ret'd)Gerald Clement
Ekstrom MMM CDGananoque, On
Sergeant Gerald Clement "Gerry" Ekstrom (Ret'd) of Gananoque, Ontario passed away at Kingston on 05 August 2013. Born 17 July 1928 he was 85 years of age. Sergeant Gerry Ekstrom served in The Royal Canadian Regiment with loyalty and dedication for 26 years.
18 August 2013Charles Percy
PenneyOromocto, NB
Charles Percy "Charlie" Penney passed away on 18 August 2013 at Oromocto, New Brunswick. Born 10 December 1928 he was 84 years of age. Charlie Penney served with the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada from 1951-1970. During his time in the Black Watch, he served at Kentville, Nova Scotia; Sussex, New Brunswick; Oromocto, New Brunswick; Werl, West Germany; and again at Oromocto, New Brunswick from 1965 on. Charlie Penney subsequently served with 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment from 01 July 1970 until his retirement from the CF in July 1974, after 23 years of service.
9 Aug 2013Kenneth EldredSoperToronto, On
Kenneth Eldred Soper passed away peacefully on Friday, August 9, 2013 at age 88 at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Ken was a veteran of the Canadian Army, having served with the 2nd Battalion of the RCR in the Korea War of 1950-52, and with the Canadian Militia (48th Highlanders of Canada) from 1952-55. He was a longtime member of the Royal Canadian Legion, the United Church of Canada, and the Liberal Party of Canada. While he was a resident of Sunnybrook Veterans K Wing he was made a Field Knight of the Order of St. George and a Resident Ambassador. Ken will be missed.
3 Aug 2013LCol (Ret'd)Murray John M.Swan CDOttawa, On
Lieutenant-Colonel Murray John M. Swan, CD (Ret'd), passed away on 03 August 2013 following a courageous battle with cancer. He was just 67 years of age. Lieutenant-Colonel Swan enlisted in 1965 and was commissioned into The Royal Canadian Regiment in 1966. Over the next 34 years he served in all three Regular battalions of the Regiment (in 1984-86 he was DCO of 2 RCR, serving with then Lieutenant-Colonel W.J. Aitchison, our Colonel of the Regiment, from 1984-85). Additionally, Lieutenant-Colonel Swan served in Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He retired from the CF in 2000. Murray and I served in 2 RCR in Fort York (Soest) Germany, in the period 1968-70 having previously been in 1 RCR together for a short time. Murray was a member of the BAOR (and, I believe, British Army) champion basketball team from 2 RCR that included, among others, Ralph Priestman, Hardy Wheeler and Donny Kemp. I don't recall who else was on the team. Murray left the Forces for a short time to go into the construction business with his father, but returned when he discovered that building was not for him. When he rejoined the Forces, he spent some time in 3 RCR. I asked for, and got, Murray as my DCO in my second year in command of 2 RCR in 1984-85 and he remained in that appointment for the first year of Jim Senecal's command (1985-86). He did not return to regimental duty after that tour in 2 RCR, rather went on to a series of representational posts in Cyprus, the UK and US. He was a great guy! Never mean-spirited and invariably cheerful, and those characteristics marked him to the very end of his life. He was also extremely competitive, which characteristic led to some interesting situations on the sports field and golf course. I never knew him to be critical of anyone, rather he saw the good in everyone and put himself above levelling criticism. He truly cared for soldiers and always looked after their welfare. That made him a great DCO. He will be very much missed by everyone who knew him. Another Royal Canadian "Done Too Soon".
05 Aug 2013CWO (Ret'd)RonaldO'Connell, CDOttawa, On
Ronald O'Connell, CD, a former Regimental Sergeant-Major of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa, passed away at Ottawa on 01 August 2013. He was 80 years of age. As well as his distinguished service in the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa, Mr. O'Connell also served previously in both The Royal Canadian Regiment and the Royal Canadian Navy. He was active with the royal Canadian Legion.
14 July 2013WO (Ret'd)Jack Livingston
HenryLondon, On
Warrant Officer Jack Livingston "Hank" Henry (Ret'd), has passed away at London, Ontario on 14 July 2013. Warrant Officer Henry was a veteran of the Korean War, having served in Korea with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Afterwards he served with The Royal Canadian Regiment in such locations as Germany and Cyprus. Warrant Officer Henry completed more than 30 years of service before retiring. He was a member of the KVA. He was 81 years of age.
18 July 2013Leslie F. "Bud"WalshLondon On
Leslie F. "Bud" Walsh passed away at London, Ontario on 18 July 2013, due to a heart attack. He was 79 years of age. Bud Walsh was a well liked member of the Victory Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. He will be sadly missed.
06 Nov 2010Sgt (Ret'd)Joseph Ralston
MacNeilStrathroy, On
Joseph Ralston ("Hummer") MacNeil passed away on Nov 6, 2010, at Strathroy, Ont., General Hospital. Sgt (Ret'd) Hummer MacNeil served in 1 RCR from 1955 to 1991. He lived in Thedford, Ontario. "Hummer" was a member of the Lake Huron Branch of the RCR Association.
16 July 2013Capt (Ret'd) William George
CallawayNanaimo, BC
He was born on 13 January 1929 at Hamilton, Ontario and eventually commissioned into The Royal Canadian Regiment after completing ROTC in December 1951. Bill Callaway would join the 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment (2 RCR) as a replacement officer, serving as a platoon commander in "A" Company, 2 RCR. He would remain with 2 RCR from December 1951 - April 1952. When 2 RCR was relieved in the line from 16-25 April 1952, Lieutenant Callaway transferred to 1 RCR in order to complete his one year combat tour in Korea. He would serve as a platoon commander with 1 RCR from April-December 1952. Bill Callaway would see action at Hill 355 (Kowang-San) during his time with 1 RCR. Following his return from Korea, he would remain in the Army until July 1957. He was was 84 years of age.
08 July 2013MWO (Ret'd)Wilford Joseph
Frost, CDNB
Master Warrant Officer Wilford Joseph "Joe" Frost, CD passed away in New Brunswick on 08 July 2013. He was born in Lochaber Mines, Nova Scotia in 1939 and was 73 years of age. Master Warrant Officer Joe Frost spent 38 years in the Canadian Forces, initially with the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada, and then with The Royal Canadian Regiment. While in The RCR he served with 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment at Gagetown, New Brunswick and later with the Infantry School.
05 July 2013BGen (Ret'd)Stewart H.ClarkeOttawa On
Brigadier-General (Ret'd) Stewart H. Clarke passed away suddenly at Ottawa on 05 July 2013. He was 79 years of age. Graduating from Bishop's University at Lennoxville, Quebec, Brigadier-General Clarke became a Deacon in the Anglican Church in May 1958 and was ordained a priest in March 1959. He joined the Royal Canadian Army Chaplain Corps (known as the Chaplain Branch since 02 May 1969) in 1960. Brigadier-General Clarke subsequently served at Borden; Edmonton; Soest (Fort York), West Germany; North Bay; Chilliwack; Lahr, West Germany; Trenton; and Ottawa. He was a well liked and respected Protestant Padre of 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment at Soest from 1968-1970. Promoted to Brigadier-General in 1987, he served as Chaplain General (Protestant) of the Canadian Forces from 1987 until September 1990 when he retired. Former Commanding Officer of 2 RCR, Lieutenant-Colonel T.J. Kaulbach, has referred to Brigadier-General Clarke as an, "outstanding Chaplain in the Regiment," and as a, "wonderful friend and comrade."
02 July 2013Walter HenryCottonKitchener, On
Walter Henry Cotton passed away on 02 July 2013 at Kitchener, Ontario. Born on 16 December 1918 he was 94 years of age. Walter Cotton was a veteran of the Second World War. He enlisted at the age of 21 at the outbreak of war. He rose to the rank of Sergeant and was an instructor at Camp Borden. Walter Cotton eventually served with The Royal Canadian Regiment in Italy for 18 months. He was a member of Royal Canadian Legion 50 at Kitchener.
4 July 2013LCol (Ret'd)Edgar Herbert
Hollyer, MC CDOttawa On
Ed Hollyer's name will be forever linked to one of The Royal Canadian Regiment's most epic battles, the defence of Hill 187, 02-03 May 1953, during the Korean War. He played a most noteworthy role in the battle and, as a result of his outstanding leadership and courage throughout the engagement, was subsequently decorated with the Military Cross.
23 Oct 2012 Maj (Ret'd)James McLean
Bassett Coquitlam BC
Major James McLean "Jim" Bassett (Ret'd) passed away on 23 October 2012 at Coquitlam, BC, in his 86th year. Major Bassett served in the Canadian Army towards the end of the Second World War. Post- WWII he served in the Reserves in his hometown of Woodstock, Ontario, with the Oxford Rifles, the London and Oxford Fusiliers (3rd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment), and ultimately with the 3rd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment (London and Oxford Fusiliers). Major Bassett retired from the Service in 1964.
"Jim was the Garrison Commander of Oxford Garrison in Woodstock when I enrolled in then B Company, Third Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment (London & Oxford Fusiliers), in Woodstock, in 1961.  He was a great mentor to all of the soldiers under his command, Officers and Other Ranks alike." - Brian Forbes Colgate - fellow officer from 3rd RCR
12 June 2013Brian DouglasHorwillPetawawa ON
Born on 26 January 1963 he was only 50 years of age. Brian Horwill served with 1st Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment during the 1980s. He was a very keen soldier, physically tough and fit, and eager to face any challenge. His background included the Basic Para, Recce Patrolman and Sniper courses. Sadly, Brian was unable to proceed in his chosen vocation and a life of limitations imposed by ill health followed. He has been living in the Petawawa area.
"Few would believe who he was as a young soldier (I recall the troops in 1 RCR called him the 'Terminator') if they saw him recently. He has been a friend of mine since I was 15 and we have remained close despite his illness and related medication with a reduced life. Indeed, he was to be my best man but was unable to take on those duties due to his illness." - LCol Steve Nash (Ret'd) in message to LCol JD Price CO 1 RCR & Capt Ross Appleton, Regt Adjt The RCR
12 June 2013JimMelsomPeace River, Al
Due to an accident on 12 June 2013 on the back trails near Peace River, Alberta. Jim was a former serving Royal (member of N Coy 3 RCR in Sarajevo 1992), a member in good standing of the CWO Bobby Girouard (Alberta) Branch of The RCR Association, and a Canadian Ranger. He was well known in the Branch for his intense loyalty to the Regiment. Jim will be missed greatly, he was 45.
06 June 2013Pat "Paddy"DumasThorndale, ON
Pat "Paddy" Dumas, a retired member of our Regiment, passed away last Thursday, 06 June 2013. Pat Dumas is best remembered from his time at Wolseley Barracks, London, Ontario, with 1st Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment during the 1970s. He served in Pioneer Platoon.
I remember Paddy quite well from my days in 1st Battalion in the 70's.....beard and all. A good soul who fit the "Pioneer mould" of the day to a "T". He was known to everyone as just "Paddy". God Bless him - Bob McBride, OMM CD, LCol (Ret'd) National Chairman of The RCR Association.
01 June 2013Freeman Oscar
SanfordWassis, NB
Freeman Oscar "Sandy" Sanford of Wassis, New Brunswick passed away on 01 June 2013 while in hospital in St. John, NB. He was in his 78th year. Mr. Sanford was originally a member of the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada, serving in that Regiment from 1958-1970. He passed from the RHC Depot in 1958 to the 1st Battalion Black Watch of Canada and served with that unit in Germany and Gagetown until the Battalion was reduced to nil strength in 1970. Thereafter he served with 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment, including a peacekeeping tour in Cyprus in 1973-74. Mr. Sanford retired from the CF in 1991.
4 June 2013Glen WilliamKeenan, CDDartmouth NS
Glen passed away suddenly while travelling through Quebec to Ontario. Glen served 29 yrs in the Canadian Armed Forces, and served on two tours of peace keeping in Golan Heights and in Germany for four yrs with the 3rd Bn The Royal Canadian Regiment. He was also a member of the RCR Pipe & Drums. After retiring in 2007 he drove school bus for Perry Rand. He was 58 and will be greatly missed!
20 May 2013MWO (Ret'd)Lloyd DavisCrosbyOttawa, ON
Master Warrant Officer Lloyd Davis Crosby (Ret'd) passed away suddenly at Ottawa on 20 May, as the result of a motor vehicle accident. MWO Crosby had previously served with The RCR and had remustered into the Intelligence Corps. He leaves a large hole in the lives of all who knew him, military and otherwise, and will be missed. He was 56.
11 Apr 2011Abraham
CollierGrand Falls, NF
He was a veteran of Korea, and passed away in Grand Falls - Windsor, NL on Tuesday April 5, 2011 at the age of 80. If anyone has more service info for Mr Collier please contact the Regimental Adjutant.
04 Jul 2007Edward GeorgeLeppardLondon, On
He served in The RCR from 1964-1978, including time with 1 RCR, 2 RCR and 3 Mechanized Commando, serving in London, Soest and Baden, along with Cyprus in 1974.
19 Apr 2013Lt (Ret'd)Harold George
FairheadCowansville QC
Born in Montreal on April 23rd 1926, educated at Westmount High school, graduated from McGill and proud member of the McGill "Redman" football team. He served in the RCAF in World War II and served in the RCR in Korea. Lieutenant Fairhead served with the 1st Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment both before and during the Battalion's combat tour in Korea from March 1952 - April 1953. He also fought in the epic Battle of Kowang-San, at Hill 355, from 22-24 October 1952. While in Korea with 1 RCR he served in two different rifle companies. First with "D" ("Dog") Company, as Platoon Commander of 10 Platoon; and then with "C" (Charlie") Company, Platoon Commander of 7 Platoon. During the battle of Kowang-San, Lieutenant Fairhead was with 7 Platoon, "C" Company. He was wounded in action on two different occasions, quite severely during the latter incident. A distinguished Platoon Commander, Harold G. Fairhead was also Mentioned in Despatches for saving the lives of several of his men during a vicious, night-time close quarter battle with the enemy. Like so many of our Veterans, he was very reticent throughout his life about his own heroism. He was 87.
04 May 2013Maj (Ret'd)JohnScottStoney Plain Ab
Major John Scott (Ret'd) died Saturday night, 04 May 2013, near Stony Plain, Alberta, as the result of a civilian free fall parachuting accident. He was 49 years of age and was living in Edmonton. Major Scott had an extensive background with both The Royal Canadian Regiment and Airborne forces dating from 1984-2005. For more information go here.
4 May 2013AlCadieuxOttawa, On
Al was very proud of his service in the Regiment and to our country, through Brockville, Petawawa, Rivers, to Korea and NATO HQ (then in France). He worked there in the Message Centre, and was very proud to have met Field Marshal Montgomery. He will be deeply missed.
20 Apr 2013LCol (Ret'd)Herbert George
Cloutier, MC CDOttawa On
Herb Cloutier deployed to Korea with 1 RCR in March 1952. While the Battalion was located at embattled Hill 355 (Kowang-San), a new rifle company, "E" or "Easy" Company was raised on 06 September 1952. Captain Cloutier was named the Officer Commanding this company. He would subsequently play a significant role in the epic Battle of Kowang-San, 22-24 October 1952. He led his Company with courage and coolness and was an inspiring presence throughout. Immediately following the desperate fighting in the area defended by "B" Company, "Capt H.G. Cloutier of E Company organized two groups to probe and determine the enemy strength on B company's front..." . He was subsequently cited for gallantry in action and awarded the Military Cross. In April 1953 Captain Cloutier returned from Korea to Canada with 1 RCR. He was subsequently posted to 2 RCR and served with that Battalion at Wolseley Barracks at London, Ontario in the late 1950s. Major H.G. Cloutier, MC CD is again mentioned in Regimental History in connection with ceremonial events involving 2 RCR in 1959. Major Cloutier was one of 12 Guard Commanders on 02 July 1959 at Wolseley Barracks during a Trooping of the Colours by all three battalions of the Regiment, including 3rd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment(London and Oxford Fusiliers). On this occasion, HRH Prince Philip presented both 1 RCR and 3 RCR new Colours. It should be noted that Herb Cloutier also had a brother, Captain Earl Cloutier, who served in The RCR and now lives in Kingston, Ontario.
12 Apr 2013BGen (Ret'd)Robert P.
Alden, OMM CDKingston, On
Bob proudly served in the Canadian Army from 1957-1995. He started his career with the Canadian Black Watch (RHC). Upon their disbandment joined the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR). He also served in the Canadian Airborne Regiment (CAR and 3 Mech CDO). He was 74 years of age. For more information go here.
18 Apr 2013Cpl (Ret'd)Lawrence
After a very long and gallant fight with illness he passed away on 18 April 2013. Larry Nelson was only 48 years of age and left us all too soon. Born in Montreal on 18 July 1964, Corporal Nelson enlisted in the CF in 1981 and would eventually serve with 1 RCR, both at London and Petawawa, Ontario; and also with 3 RCR, including time in Germany. He served Base-side at CFB Petawawa in the latter part of his career from 1999-2005. Following nearly 25 years of loyal, dedicated service to the Army and the Regiment, Corporal Nelson retired from the CF for medical reasons. Corporal Nelson had a tremendous sense of humour and a huge zest for life, was cheerful under all circumstances, and possessed a down to earth wisdom. He would always do the utmost to help a fellow soldier. Corporal Larry Nelson will be missed by all who knew him.
19 Apr 2013Robert Duncan
Burns, CDLondon, On
Bob Burns served with The RCR as an infantryman in Korea. At that time he was a young private. After Korea, Bob Burns would stay in the Army, transferring to the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, and eventually became the RQMS of 1st Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment. Following retirement, he became the Base Supply Officer at Camp Ipperwash, Ontario. He was 81 years of age.
23 April 2013Maj (Ret'd)Lawrence HughO'NeillSmiths Falls, On
Major Lawrence Hugh O'Neill served in the Canadian Army for 24 years before his retirement in 1997. Graduating from Royal Military College in 1978 he served The Royal Canadian Regiment in the most dedicated and noteworthy manner. In particular, Major O'Neill spent much of his Regimental service with the 2nd and 3rd Battalions of The Royal Canadian Regiment.
19 April 2013Raymond. J.R.GobeilOttawa, On
Born on 02 July 1937, he was 75 years of age. The then Lieutenant-Colonel R.J.R. Gobeil was the Commanding Officer of 1st Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment from 05 July 1979 - 05 August 1981. During his military career, Raymond J.R. Gobeil served with first the Canadian Guards and then The RCR. He retired from the CF after serving at NDHQ in Ottawa.
24 Feb 2013MCplDwayne CurtisSnookBarrie, ON
MCpl Dwayne Curtis Snook, aged 39, passed away on 24 Feb 2013 at Barrie, Ontario. Dwayne Snook served recently as a cook with 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment. At the time of his passing he was employed at CFB Borden as an instructor. His brother, Sergeant Terry Snook, is a Royal serving in an RSS position with 1st Battalion, The Royal New Brunswick Regiment (1 RNBR). MCpl Dwayne Curtis originally hailed from Wreck Cove, Newfoundland.
25 Nov 2012Maj (Ret'd)George AStoner
He passed away on Nov 25 2012. He was a PUM of the Association.
30 Jun 2011Sgt (Ret'd)John D.ColeWoodstock, ON
John died peacefully in Woodstock on June 30, 2011. He was 91 years old.
13 Mar 2013JimMorriceLondon, ON
Jim was an RCR Veteran of the Korean War and a PUM of The RCR Association.
23 Jan 2013Robert
MetcalfeThedford, ON
Robert (Bobbie) Metcalfe spent the majority of his life as a proud soldier in The Royal Canadian Regiment in both London and Ipperwash. He also participated on overseas peacekeeping missions. He was 85.
19 Feb 2013Cpl (Ret'd)Malcolm
NealLondon, ON
Cpl Malcolm Neal --"Leatherface" Neal served 31 years including in Korea with the Black Watch and with 1 RCR as a peacekeeper in Cyprus. He ended his military career with a long stint with 4RCR as part of the RSS Staff. He was 81.
1 Mar 2013Capt (Ret'd)John David Sr.
Lawley, CDLondon, ON
Dave Lawley will be best remembered for his time with 1 RCR in the 1960s, including a tour with that Battalion at Fort York, Soest, Germany. Captain Lawley is well remembered, with great affection and respect, by those who served with him in the Army and the Regiment. Charles N. McCabe of the Black Watch of Canada Association recalled when he and Dave Lawley joined the Army in 1956 and "went through OCP together...along with John Hunter, Dick Cowling, John Sharpe and Ian Douglas amongst others...His greatest aspiration in those days was to become a Paratrooper in The RCR. A great guy!"
Another Royal, Ray Elliston, likewise had fond memories of Dave Lawley. "When 2 RCR replaced 1 RCR in Fort York in 1965, Dave was, I believe, the Regimental Accounts Officer in 1 RCR. He befriended Rick St Germain and I and took great pains to introduce us to Soest and the area. I still vividly remember him buying us lunch in a restaurant in Soest. We were totally green Second-Lieutenants and our arrival in Germany occasioned not a hint of interest amongst the old hands in the battalion, so Dave's generosity was most appreciated and always remembered. A true gentleman."
David will be remembered as a true gentleman and fine soldier. He was 76.
27 Feb 2013James Cornelius
McGuire London, ON
Jim proudly served his country with the Canadian Armed Forces with duties in Korea, Germany, Egypt, Cyprus and Alert. Jim served for a time as the ETQMS of 1RCR. He was also an active member of The RCR Association, including the Home Station London and District Branch, and a member of the KVA. He was 85.
23 Feb 2013Edward Omer Gatien Sudbury ON
Edward served with 2 RHC and was a proud member of the Korean Veterans & the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 224 for 60 years. He was 83.
5 Feb 2013Norman William Allan
BuddPort Perry, ON
Norm was a Veteran WW II & Korea, Member of the Korean War Veterans Association, Past President and Member of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #419 Port Perry. He was 85
11 Feb 2013The ReverendRonald JosephMacFarlaneScarborough, ON
Born 06 October 1936, he was 76 years of age. Father Ron MacFarlane hailed from Inverness, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. He was ordained as a priest on 20 August 1961 at Antigonish, Nova Scotia. He subsequently served as a Chaplain in the Canadian Forces, especially as the Roman Catholic Padre with 2 RCR and 3 RCR during the 1980s. Of Father MacFarlane, the Colonel of the Regiment, Colonel W.J. Aitchison had the following to say, "I remember Ron very well – one of the best service chaplains I ever knew. Thanks for sharing the news of Ron's death. It's regrettable, but I'm pretty sure he'll find the reward in which he so fervently believed, and which he richly deserves."
11 Feb 2013Kenneth J.VollKitchener, ON
Born on 08 October 1920, he was 92 years of age. Ken Voll was a veteran of the Second World War, serving with The Royal Canadian Regiment during the Italian campaign. He fought in the Moro River battles and was present at the storied battle of Ortona.
  A funeral service will be held tomorrow, Thursday, 14 February, 11:00 AM, at the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, 49 Blueridge Ave. Kitchener. The RCR Association (Waterloo Wellington North Branch) and Royal Canadian Legion will both be supporting. Full dress is requested: Blazers, Medals & Berets. The RCR Association Banner WWNB will be part of this service.
09 Feb 2013WO (Ret'd)T.R.
RiceLondon, On
Terry passed away on 09 February 2013 following a long battle with cancer. WO Rice soldiered in The Royal Canadian Regiment for many years. He is survived by his wife Linda.
26 Jan 2013Major (Ret'd)Herbert Russell
Gardner, MC CDSidney, BC
Major Gardner was a most distinguished veteran of the Korean War, serving as a subaltern in Korea with 1st Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment from 10 April 1952 - 30 March 1953. In fact he was the first officer of 1 RCR to arrive in Korea for familiarization with 2 RCR. While with 2 RCR he had been wounded in both legs during a Chinese assault on Hill 163 on the night of 25/26 March 1952. Lieutenant Russ Gardner was actually wounded twice in action. He would be awarded the Military Cross (MC) for his inspired leadership of a fighting patrol conducted behind enemy lines against Chinese positions on Hill 227, opposite Kowang-san (Hill 355), on the night of 23/24 September 1952. Gardner's patrol was highly successful and a text book example of a snatch patrol. He will be missed. For more details go here.
09 Jan 2013Sgt (Ret'd)William Joseph
DalyLondon, ON

Sergeant William Joseph Daly passed away at London, Ontario on or about 09 Jan 2013. He had been a patient at the Parkwood Hospital of London for some time previously. William Joseph Daly originally hailed from Streamstown, Alberta, the son of Joseph and Nerine Daly. Sergeant Daly (then A/3073 Private W.J. Daly) had been one of the "Originals" who had sailed from Halifax with The RCR, bound for England on board the HMT Almanzora, on 22 December 1939. He served with the Battalion over the next three and a half years in the UK, and he would go on to fight in the Sicily campaign (Operation Husky, July-August 1943). Bill Daly eventually remustered to the Provost Corps. He had two brothers who also served with The Royal Canadian Regiment during the Second World War: John Roderick Daly; and Robert Clive Daly. Both of these brothers were killed in action. A/3337 Corporal Robert Daly, age 21, died on 07 October 1943, during the advance to Campobasso. A/99707 Warrant Officer 2nd Class John Daly, age 27, died on 15 September 1944, during the fighting for the Rimini Airfield. All three Daly brothers had landed in Sicily at Pachino on 10 July 1943.

Following the war Bill Daly remained an active member of the Regimental family. He was a founding member of The RCR Association. Until overcome by illness and disability he was a faithful participant in Regimental events, especially Pachino Day, at Wolseley Barracks. The late Lieutenant-Colonel Tommy Burdett, another WWII veteran of The RCR, was his closest friend.

8 Jan 2013JamesTaylorChaswood, NS
James Taylor was a veteran of the Korean War, having served in Korea with 3rd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment from 1953-1954. He subsequently served with 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment at Wolseley Barracks, London, Ontario later in the 1950s and 1960s. Mr. Taylor also saw overseas service in Germany, Cyprus and Egypt. He retired from military service in 1976. He was 80 years of age.
  James was a veteran of the Korean War, having served with 3 RCR. He served with us in 2 RCR in London Ont, during the 1950's and 60's. He served approximately 20 years. We only knew him by his nickname 'Junkie', he had quite a sense of humour. In a ten man tent group, he always kept us entertained with his stories and jokes. For those who knew him, he will be missed. - John O'Quinn
14 Jan 2013MCpl (Ret'd)William "Bill"FrenchTrenton, ON
Bill French served initially with The RCR before transferring into the RCEME where he served in 2 Combat Signals Squadron in Petawawa and at Forward Repair Group of 4 Service Battalion in Lahr. He was from the Trenton, ON area and was 71 years of age.
24 Dec 2012John Leslie
LowtherSpringhill, NS
Born in 1929, he was 83 years of age. Les Lowther served in Germany and at CFB Gagetown with 2nd Battalion, The Black Watch of Canada; and after 1970 with 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment. He served for 27 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, serving in Germany, Cyprus, Jamaica and Canada.
01 Jan 2013Capt (Ret'd)Rick GlenDodsonEdmonton, AL
Rick was born in St. Thomas, Ontario on January 9th, 1954. He graduated from the Royal Road's Military College in British Columbia and then graduated from the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario as a Lieutenant. He was a Captain in The Royal Canadian Regiment and a member of the Sky Hawks Unit. He also did two tours of duty in Cyprus.
31 Dec 2012Gary DavidHawkesAmherst, NB
Born April 14, 1947 in Sackville, NB, Gary proudly served in the Canadian Armed Forces, joining at the age of 17. He served with the Black Watch Battalion and did a tour of duty in Cyprus. When the Blackwatch disbanded, he transferred to the Second Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment, after which he became a member of the Military Police until his military retirement, having served 21 years.
22 Dec 2012MWO (Ret'd)Thomas Albert
Kingston, CDBrockville, ON
"Royal Canadians: I know this will reach some in duplicate, but I am sending the unhappy news of the sudden passing on 22 Dec of Tom Kingston, President of the Brockville Branch. Tom's family and friends are dealing with this shock. More details in due course. Rest in Peace, Tom, and thank you for your service to country, family and comrades. Pro Patria" - Ivan Fenton  Tom was 77.
20 Dec 2012Stuart JohnNaylorLondon, ON
He was 67. Beloved husband of the late Ada (Mickey) Naylor. Visitors will be received at the John T. Donohue Funeral Home, London on Thursday, December 27th from 11 o'clock until the time of the Memorial Funeral Service at 12 noon. In lieu of flowers donations to the Heart and Stroke Foundation or to the Alzheimer Society would be greatly appreciated.
18 Dec 2012RichardTurcotteLondon , ON
At L.H.S.C. University Hospital on Tuesday, December 18, 2012, Richard Turcotte of London in his 55th year. Beloved husband of Karen Turcotte. Friends who wish may make memorial donations to Canadian Cancer Society. Logan Funeral Home, London, in charge of arrangements. Online condolences can be expressed at
18 Dec 2012Maj (Ret'd)Joseph "Al"ConyersLondon, ON
The Regiment has lost a fine soldier and one that had dedicated himself to the Regiment in more ways than one - Bob McBride, LCol (Ret'd) Chairman, The RCR Association. He was 78
7 Dec 2012CplAnthonyReedPetawawa, ON
Cpl Anthony Reed of 1 RCR died suddenly at his home in Petawawa, ON this past Friday on 07 December 2012. Corporal Reid was currently serving in F Company of 1 RCR, with Maintenance Platoon. He had joined The RCR in 2007 upon graduation from the LFCA Training Centre and had been posted to 1 RCR. Cpl Reed served as part of the OMLT in Task Force 3-08 in Afghanistan during 2008. He has served with the First Battalion ever since. At this time our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Cpl Anthony Reed.
18 Aug 2012Kenneth AllanEkstromOwen Sound, ON
Ken Ekstrom served with The RCR in such locations as Germany and Cyprus. He was active with the Royal Canadian Legion. He was 80.
09 Nov 2012John GlyndowerMarlowWinnipeg, MB
Born in Nova Scotia, John joined the Armed Forces in 1957 and proudly served for 25 years with The Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) and the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI), NORAD, NATO, and the United Nations. Following retirement from the CF, he worked for Bristol Aerospace, and was also a vocal advocate for Veteran's compensation and pension benefits. He was 71 years of age.
22 Nov 2012CWO (Ret'd)Garnett JamesJusticeKington, ON
He was a member of The RCR Association.
22 Nov 2012Bernard Alvin
GoetzLondon, ON
A member of our Regimental family and one of our Second World War veterans, "Bud" was both a Paid Up Member of The RCR Association and The Royal Canadian Legion. He was 85 years of age.
21 Nov 2012Cpl (Ret'd)Gordon James
KinsmanFalmouth, NS
Gordon was predeceased by twin brothers, Donald and Douglas. He is survived by his sister, Gladys Carter, Halifax. Gordon retired after serving 30 years in the Black Watch Regiment of the Canadian Armed Forces with the rank of Corporal. He was 75.
05 Nov 2012Sgt (Ret'd)Bernard Kerry
BarrieSydney, NS

Sgt Barrie served in The Royal Canadian Regiment for 22 years, from 1958-1979. He had served primarily in 1 RCR and 2 RCR, at postings such as London, Gagetown, Cyprus, and Germany. Sgt B.K. Barrie was also involved in recruiting. He retired to Sydney, NS in 1979. He was 71 years of age.

15 Nov 2012CWO (Ret'd)JackNaylorLondon, ON
CWO Jack Naylor served with The Royal Canadian Regiment during the Second World War. Following the war he remained active with the Army, serving in London with the Canadian Fusiliers, the London and Oxford Fusiliers, and 3rd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment (London and Oxford Fusiliers). Jack Naylor retired as a Chief Warrant Officer, his last appointment being that of RSM of No.107 Manning Depot at London, ON. He was in his 90th year.
30 Oct 2012WO (Ret'd)DaveQuirkHalifax, NS

As a result of complications arising from a bone marrow transplant, he was 52 years of age. WO Quirk will be well know by many Royal Canadians. Over the years he provided faithful and outstanding service to the Regiment at various levels as an Admin Clerk. He served with both 1 RCR and 3 RCR and with 3 Commando of the Canadian Airborne Regiment.

He was knowledgeable, hard working, irrepressible, very physically fit and a great supporter of the Regiment. He retired from the CF in 2006 after a career spanning 28 years. Dave Quirk will be missed by all who knew him.

27 Oct 2012Capt (Ret'd)Wallace "Wally"FowlerPetawawa, On
He served in both 3 RCR, and The Canadian Guards retiring as a Captain. In his days before final retirement he was the editor/manager of the Petawawa Post. He subsequently lived a quiet retirement at his home at the "Point" in Petawawa. He always had a smile on his face when I saw him and something nice to say. (Bob McBride)
25 Oct 2012Sgt (Ret'd) Philemon "Phillip"AbboudLondon, On
Philemon "Phillip" Abboud passed away in London, ON on 25 October 2012. He was 75 years of age. Mr. Abboud served with The RCR for 21 years, retiring as a Sergeant. In retirement he was a member of The RCR Association.
24 Oct 2012Capt (Ret'd)J.E. "Rick"MillerToronto, On
Born in 1917, he was 95 years of age. Captain Miller was Adjutant of 3 RCR when that unit deployed to Korea in March 1953. During its combat tour in Korea, 3 RCR fought in the battle of Hill 187, 02-03 May 1953 and was still serving in Korea at the time of the armistice on 27 July 1953. The Battalion continued to serve in Korea until March 1954.
12 Oct 2012Ernest Samuel
PengellyKingston, On
Mr. Pengelly was very active with the Royal Canadian Legion, and was a former member of 2RCR.
18 Oct 2012LCol (Ret'd)Brian NelsonSmithLondon, On
LCol Smith was the Commanding Officer of 4th Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment (London and Oxford Fusiliers) from 23 June 1985 - 11 December 1988.
14 Aug 2012Thomas William
ShearerOshawa, On
Bill Shearer was a veteran of the Korean War. He was 78 years of age.
9 Oct 2012VernHisdaleYarrow, BC
He served with The Royal Canadian Regiment during the 1950s, was an active parachutist in his day and was a member of the Airborne Association.
5 Oct 2012WO (Ret'd)John EllisTravisNew Glasgow, NS
April 17, 1937 - October 5, 2012. John was a 35 year veteran of the CF serving with both the Black Watch and 2RCR units. His service included three tours in Cyprus and a posting abroad in Germany.
25 Sep 2012RaymondHachieBobcaygeon, On
He was a veteran of the Korean War, having served in Korea with The Regiment. He was 80.
23 Sep 2012WOJohn Alexander
HoganHanewll, NB
He has been serving with the Infantry School since May 2010. He had previously served with 1 RCR and 3 RCR. WO Alex Hogan has a great many close friends throughout the Regiment, especially in Gagetown and Petawawa. He is survived by his wife Maureen, his ten-year old son Jakob, and his brother Gary, a Sergeant with 4 AD Regiment at Gagetown, NB. He will be deeply missed.
23 Jun 2012GordonHamelLondon ON
Gordon Hamel had served in WW II and also served in Korea from 1951-52 with 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment. He was subsequently active with the Korea Veterans Association (KVA). He was 87 years of age.
12 Sep 2012Ronald James JosephDelagardeSt. Catharines ON
Service Number SG 9717, he served with the Regiment in Korea, and was both President of the Korean War Veterans Unit 15 and a member Royal Canadian Legion Branch 138 Merritton.
10 Sep 2012Morris HenryMcGarrigleFredericton Junction NB
Henry started his Military career in Black Watch then transferred to the RCR where he spent the rest of his military career. He was member of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 55. He kept busy as a caretaker at Gladstone Cemetery for several years.
01 Aug 2012Melvin GeorgePennellSudbury, ON
He was born in Sudbury, on July 15th, 1932. A proud Canadian, Mel served his country in the Army as a Private in the Royal Canadian Regiment, having seen action in the Korean War. He continued his service as an active member of the Korea Veterans Association serving as Sgt-At- Arms. Mel also was an active Life Member of the Royal Canadian Legion for 55 years at Branch 76, participating on both the Zone and District Executive Committees. He was 80.
17 June 2012Donald LeonShufflebothamOttawa ON
Don was a member of The Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) and First Special Service Force (Devils Brigade), a Canadian-American WWII Army Unit. He spent his postwar years with the Shell Oil company and then retired to a small farm near Avonmore where he built his own house and loved to work the land. An avid gardener he was known for his famous sweet corn and tomatoes. He passed away in the very early hours of Sunday 17 June 2012 at the Perley Rideau Veterans Home in Ottawa, in his 89th year.
17 June 2012Armand William
CollinLondon On
William Collin had served with 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment from 1956-1974. He was 74 years of age.
16 June 2012MWO (Ret'd)DavidHynesOttawa, ON
He had been quite active with the Upper Ottawa Valley Branch of The RCR Association in the 1990s. He was also well known from the days when he was SQ at The RCR Battle School.
14 June 2012Maj (Ret'd)BryanGoutouskiLondon ON
He was a Reserve Officer for many years and early in his career he served with the Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada and the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada. He later transferred to 4RCR and was OC T Coy and our Stratford Garrison Commander in the mid to late 1980s. He eventually joined the Regular Force as a Personnel Selection Officer and retired from the CF.
04 Jun 2012JamesBruce Snr
Father of BGen (Ret'd) James A. "Jim" Bruce, MMM CD, he was a Second World War veteran of the RCAF. Though he never served in The RCR himself, he took a keen interest in the Regiment, so much so that he became a member of The RCR Association.
02 Jun 2012WO (Ret'd)Arnold JosephComeauWaymouth NS
WO Comeau was a veteran of the Korean War and his career in The RCR spanned 22 years, from 1951-1973. He enlisted at the age of 18 in 1951 and subsequently served in Korea from 1951-1952, with 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment. Following his return to Canada, he continued to serve proudly with The RCR in such locations as Indo-China (International Control Commission), Germany and Cyprus. Having attained the rank of Warrant Officer he retired in 1973. He was a member of both The RCR Association and the Royal Canadian Legion.
23 May 2012Maurice "Moe"RobillardArnprior, ON
He was a 1 RCR Korean War Veteran and a 37 year member of the Leagion, Br 174 in Arnprior. He was 82.
04 May 2012William
GulstonLindsay, ON
He died in a nursing home and has no known family. It is believed that he was a member of The Royal Canadian Regiment. Perhaps not unexpectedly with no next of kin, I have been unable to obtain any information whatsoever online nor was he on the Regimental database. If anyone has any information whatsoever about William "Bill" Gulston I would be very thankful if you could pass this on to me. Regt Adjt
06 May 2012Sgt (Ret'd)HarveyGignacKingston, ON
Sergeant Harvey Gignac served with both The Royal Canadian Regiment and the Black Watch of Canada.
05 May 2012Sgt (Ret'd)PhillipMorrisEdmonton, AB
Sergeant Phil Morris served with 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment and later, from 1968, with 2 Commando, Canadian Airborne Regiment, in Edmonton.
04 May 2012CWO (Ret'd)D.B.
ReekieStony Plain, AB
CWO Don Reekie served in the Canadian army from 1951-1980 and held the appointment of RSM in three different regiments: The 2nd Battalion The Black Watch of Canada, 1966-1970; The 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment, 01 July 1970 - 31 July 1971; and finally The Canadian Airborne Regiment, a position he occupied until 1977. He was also RSM of the Combat Training Centre and the Land Force Western Area CWO from 1977-1980. Shortly after retiring from the CF in 1980, CWO Reekie took up the position of Assistant Director of the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo at Halifax, a post he held from 1981-2010. Sadly, he was pre-deceased by his wife, Yvonne ("Vonnie") on 25 March 2009, at Stony Plain, Alberta.
14 Apr 2012Thomas Hosie
OsborneWindsor, ON
Tom Osborne was a veteran of the Korean War. He was also a longstanding member of the Royal Canadian Legion and the KVA. He was 80.
14 Jan 2012WO (Ret'd)William HenryWright, CDBrandon, MB
Warrant Officer Wright served in the Canadian Army during the Second World War and was also a veteran of the Korean War. Bill Wright enlisted in the Canadian army at the age of 18 in 1944. Following infantry training at Brantford, Ontario he was posted to Rivers, Manitoba where he received training as a paratrooper.

Following the Second World War he eventually transferred into The RCR and quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant. He served in Korea with 1 RCR from 1952-1953. Following a series of postings as a Recruiter and an Instructor Bill Wright was posted to Germany (Soest, Fort York) from 1965-1968, with 2 RCR. Returning to Canada in 1968, Warrant Officer Wright was posted to the Canadian Airborne Regiment at Edmonton, Alberta.

He retired in May 1970 at the age of 44, finishing as he started, as a paratrooper.
10 April 2012George F.BurrowsWindsor, ON

In 1938 at the age of 15 years he joined the Kent Regiment. In July of 1940 the Kent Regiment mobilized for active service and he was number 20 to sign up. He remained with the Kent Regiment until February 1943, when he volunteered for overseas service and transferred to Canada's senior regiment, The Royal Canadian Regiment. In WWII the regiment became part of the famous Redpatch Devils of the First Canadian Division that invaded Sicily on July 10, 1943 and Italy on September 3, 1943 as part of the now famous British Eighth Army under the command of Field Marshall Sir Bernard Law Montgomery. He spent two years in the front line battlefields, covering all of Sicily and Italy, including two famous battles, Monti Casino and the City of Ortona, classified as Little Stalingrad.

While in a stationary position, not far from Lake Camachio, his platoon was overrun by the enemy in the early hours of February 17, 1945 with 16 taken Prisoners of War. They were held for 10 weeks until Armistice was declared.

He was one of 33 survivors of the original Invasion force of The Royal Canadian Regiment's 759 men.

10 April 2012Capt (Ret'd)Donald McRaeLeeLondon, ON
He retired after a full career of 35 years, having risen from the ranks and attained the rank of Captain. He is perhaps best remembered as Warrant Officer 1st Class D.M. Lee, Regimental Sergeant-Major of The Royal Canadian Regiment Depot at Wolseley Barracks, London, ON, from 31 May 1966 - 10 June 1968. Indeed, WO1 Lee was the very last RSM of The RCR Depot (an institution that existed from 19 March 1953 - 08 December 1968). He was 90.
09 April 2012Lt (Ret'd)William W.ReidOwen Sound, ON
Born 24 March 1921, he volunteered for service during the Second World War, subsequently serving as a Lieutenant in The Royal Canadian Regiment. Lieutenant Reid saw action during the campaign in North-West Europe in the fighting to liberate Holland. At the end of hostilities in May 1945 he was a platoon commander in the Support Company of The RCR.
07 April 2012Capt (Ret'd)Edward Hubert
McKillopSydney, NS
He served proudly with both the 1st Battalion The Black Watch of Canada and, after 1970, with the 2 RCR. He had a very distinguished sporting record in the Army throughout the 1950s and 1960s, being a champion boxer in three different weight divisions, including lightweight, middleweight, and light-heavyweight. Capt McKillop served in Aldershot, NS, Gagetown and Germany.
07 Apr 2012CplIanRitchieBrampton, ON
Cpl Ritchie had previously served with 3 RCR until his transfer to the Lorne Scots in April 2010.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Requiescant in Pace

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