GvR Memorial Cross
The Memorial Cross was first instituted in 1919 for presentation to mothers and widows of Canadian soldiers or sailors of the First World War who died on active duty or whose death was consequently attributed to such duty. The crosses could be worn by the recipients at any time, even though they were not themselves veterans. The cross was engraved with the name and service number of the son or husband. Its description is as follows:

"The Cross is a Cross patonce in silver .... at the end of the upright a crown; at the foot, and at the end of either arm, a maple leaf; in the centre, within a wreath of laurel, the royal cypher of the reigning monarch."

Regimental Roll of Honour - "M"

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DateRankGiven NamesSurnameLocationRemarks
12 Apr 1998CaptRichardMaasElliott Lake, ON
10 Mar 1970LennoxMacAdamPenticton, BCSecond World War; age 73
10 May 2003Alexander C.MacArthurPort Hawkesbury, NSRCR; Second World War
2000CaptDavid M.MacAulayNBRCR; Second World War
1999CplJ. BennettMacAulayNBRCR; Second World War
22 Dec 2003LColJ.S. (Ret'd)MacAulayKingston, ON
2002CplWilliam G.MacCaulayGagetown, NBBlack Watch, RCR, Postal Corps;
29 Jul 1998PteH.G.MacCubbinKamloops, BC1RCR, 2RCR, Black Watch; Korea veteran (2RCR)
18 Jul 1993PteL. GordonMacCulloughArundel, QCRCR; Korean War
08 Sep 1960SgtA.G.E.MacDonaldLondon, ONSC850026; 2RCR; Age 29
06 Dec 2011Alexander Joseph
MacDonaldOromocto, NB
Mr. MacDonald served for many years as a Piper with the 1st Battalion The Black Watch Pipes and Drums, before rebadging to The RCR in 1970. Thereafter he had served with the 2 RCR Pipes and Drums at Gagetown, NB. He was born May 8th, 1931 in Sydney, NS.
12 Feb 1988Pte.C.G.MacDonaldGlace Bay, NS
06 Aug 2011Capt (Ret'd)C. Stewart G.
MacDonaldToronto, On
Served in 1 and 2 RCR in the late 60s, then later in the Canadian Airborne Regiment. After retirement he served with the Cadet movement in Ontario where he was on the staff of Blackdown Army Cadet Camp in CFB Borden a few years ago.
24 Oct 1995David (Bucky)MacDonaldMontreal, PQ
1994PteDonald F.MacDonaldEspanola, ONRCR; Second World War
29 Jun 1981Edwin W.MacDonaldPictou, NS
03 Jan 2002MajHugh GeorgeMacDonaldAilsa Craig, ON
The RCR, London (pre-WWII); WWII - The Queen's Regiment  (CANLOAN); 2RCR Korea
17 Mar 1980MajI.A.MacDonald
07 Jun 1987MCplI.W.MacDonaldLondon, ON
27 Sep 1955PteJ.A.M.MacDonaldLondon, ONSB177791; Age 31
25 Mar 1998PteJamesMacDonaldNew Carlisle, QCRCR; Second World War
05 Nov 191518454 SergeantJames A.Macdonald1st Canadian Infantry Battalion, Prior service: With 3rd (Special Service) Bn., KIA, Buried at R.E. Farm Cemetery, Wytschaete, Belgium
1999PteJohn H.MacDonaldNew Glasgow, NSRCR; Second World War
10 Dec 2001PteK.MacDonaldPetawawa, ON
03 Sep 1972CWOR.F.MacDonald
23 Oct 1978CaptSamuelMacDonaldLondon, ONAge 56
09 Jul 2004CplSamuel M.MacDonaldLondon, ONRCR, RCASC; Korean War, Regular Force
Sep 1974T.M.MacDonald
09 May 1999Wallace BruceMacDonaldThe RCR (1980s)
14 Jul 1972Walter DouglasMacDonaldKorea War; Queen's Coronation
Dec 1975SgtM.D.MacDougall
1990SSgtDaniel A.MacFarlaneKentville, NSRCR, RCE; Second World War
1996PteDonald M.MacFarlaneON1st Bn, RCR; Korean War
1997PteJohnMacFarlaneWindsor, ONRCR; Second World War
11 Feb 2013The ReverendRonald JosephMacFarlaneScarborough, ON
Born 06 October 1936, he was 76 years of age. Father Ron MacFarlane hailed from Inverness, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. He was ordained as a priest on 20 August 1961 at Antigonish, Nova Scotia. He subsequently served as a Chaplain in the Canadian Forces, especially as the Roman Catholic Padre with 2 RCR and 3 RCR during the 1980s. Of Father MacFarlane, the Colonel of the Regiment, Colonel W.J. Aitchison had the following to say, "I remember Ron very well – one of the best service chaplains I ever knew. Thanks for sharing the news of Ron's death. It's regrettable, but I'm pretty sure he'll find the reward in which he so fervently believed, and which he richly deserves."
23 Feb 1960PteR.G.MacGillivaryBrantford, ONSA 125927; 1RCR; Age 27
23 Nov 1964WO2Edwin FrankMacGowranTruro, NS
Royal Fusiliers (drummer at age 15) 1907; The RCR 1912-18, regimental service in Canada, Bermuda, England, France, Belgium.
2005CplCharles L. (Mac)MacGregorBarrie, Ont.
2nd Bn RCR, Airborne; Second World War, Korean War
06 Aug 2005JamesMacInnisGlace Bay, NSRCR
13 May 1995MajS.T.MacInnisLondon, ONAge 48
26 Aug 2007CWODaveMackDarwell, AB
09 Jan 2011JamesMacKayAlmonte, ONRCR Assoc
03 Jan 1983CaptH.R.MacKellarLondon, ON
1992PteAlbert R.MacKenzieSydney, NS2nd Bn RCR; Regular Force
12 Mar 1980Mr.C.W.MacKenzie
21 May 1971WOJ.R.MacKenzieServing with 3 Mech Cdo, Germany
18 Nov 1985WO2 (Ret'd)K.MacKenzieBrockville, ON
1999PteGerald C.MacKeyColborne, ONRCR; Korean War, Regular Force
04 May 1998WO IIan R.MacKillopFredericton, NB2nd Bn RCR;
2004CplAngus E.MacKinnonThunder Bay, ONRCR; Second World War
08 Mar 1999MajSamuelMacknessLondon, ON
05 Jun 1987WO IW.F.MacknessThunder Bay, ON
07 Feb 2005SgtA.MacKrellAjax ON
1990PteAngusMacLeanSeaforth, ONRCR; Second World War
30 May 1979CaptJ.W.MacLean
06 Jan 2011CWO (Ret'd)Frederick JohnMacLeanKingston, ONRCR Assoc
01 Mar 1991PteHerbert D.MacLeodIroquois Falls, ON1st Bn, RCR; Regular Force
2002Walter A.MacLeodLindsay, ONRCR; Korean War
Feb 1976MWOA.G.MacMillan
Apr 1977PteD.A.MacMillan
22 Jun 1954PteMurdoch RyanMacMillanMalagawatch, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia CVWM
10 Mar 2006PteB.F. (Biff)MacNeilNew Waterford, NS
2006CplBruceMacNeilNS1 RCR;
06 Nov 2010Sgt (Ret'd)Joseph Ralston
MacNeilStrathroy, On
Joseph Ralston ("Hummer") MacNeil passed away on Nov 6, 2010, at Strathroy, Ont., General Hospital. Sgt (Ret'd) Hummer MacNeil served in 1 RCR from 1955 to 1991. He lived in Thedford, Ontario. "Hummer" was a member of the Lake Huron Branch of the RCR Association.
12 Apr 2006RoderickMacNeilCambridge, ON1st Bn, RCR; Korean War
01 Jan 1990SgtG.F. (Dutch)MacPhersonPicton, ON
1997SgtJohn J.MacQueenNSRCR, CAR, Black Watch;
25 Feb 1987Mr.F.MacRaeToronto, ON
8 Nov 2007 RonaldMacumberLondon, ONKorean War
19 Apr 1969AlbertMadeleyLondon, ONSecond World War
27 Oct 2002SgtEugene E. (Gene)MadoreLondon, ON
2005DavidMagderTorontoRCR; Second World War, Korean War
02 Dec 1987MajA.G.MageeSt. Andrews, NBMBE, FCIS
1999SgtGordon L.MaharKentville, NSRCR; Second World War
2004CplJohn D.MaharLondon, ONRCR;
29 Sep 2011Capt
Robert H. "Bob"MaharLondon, ON
He was a veteran of the Second World War and the Korean War, (OC C Coy, 1RCR Korea, Apr 1952 - Mar 1953), and in Viet Nam as part of the ICSC from 1962-63.
24 Apr 2007LtJamesMahoneyNepean, ON The RCR 1939-1966
2005CplWilliam P.MahoneyAlta.RCAF, RCR; Second World War, Korean War
29 Oct 2005MajJimMaierInnisfail, AB
24 Jan 1990Mr.Harold E.MaisonetVerdun, Quebec
1990Harold E.MaisonetVerdun, QCRCR; Korean War
28 Apr 2005PteRobert L.MajorToronto, ONAge 77
2004J. RichardMalcolmDorchester, ONRCR;
1997Reuben D.MalcolmNew Glasgow, NSRCR, RCN;
14 Mar 2004CplRichard J.MalcolmLondon, ON
04 Jun 1968CWOAlfred H.MalinSussex, NBMM; First World War; age 69
22 Apr 2008 Kevin JamesMaloneBelleville, ON 
23 Jul 2011MathewMaloneNiagara Region, ON
29 Jun 1995Albert R.MallyonTurner Valley, AB
1995Albert R.MallyonElliot Lake, ONRCR; Second World War, Korean War
1999PteKenneth W.MaloneyTillsonburg, ONRCR; Second World War
02 Nov 1972MichaelMaloney
1990CplMandersonDresden, ONRCR; Second World War, Regular Force
2001CSMWesley A.MansellLondon, ONRCR; Second World War
01 Jan 1988Mr.W.H.ManserLondon, ON
May 1973Frank DamionMarant
2001Arthur R.MarjoramONRCR; Second World War
18 Feb 2007Sgt (Ret'd)RobertMarkhamDresden, ONSecond World War, landed at Pachino, wounded at Ortona
03 Jun 2011William LawrenceMarstonLondon, ON
He started WW II with The RCR but transferred to the newly formed Armoured Corps (the Regiment had a strong role in that Corps' formation) and fought in Sicily and Italy with the Three Rivers Regiment (now 12 RBC)
May 1973EricMarsden
2001PteRobert R.MarsdenONRCR; Second World War
20 Sep 2007 EdwinMarshWoodstock, ON1RCR; 2RCR; Korean War; age 83
Feb 1977Mr.L.E.Marshall
1992Pte (Ret'd)Robert H.MarshallDundalk, ONRCR; Second World War
01 Jul 1998SgtW.R.MarshallLondon, ON
22 Jul 2007 William Marshall Korean War (2RCR)
02 May 1980SgtA.J.MarshelloNiagara Falls, ON
27 Sep 2006PteMartinToronto, ON1RCR
2005Archie J.MartinChatham, ONRCR; Second World War
07 Oct 2005WOB.G. (Bruce)MartinLondon, ON
30 Mar 1989MrD.H.MartinGrand Bend, ON
1996Maj (Ret'd)Dougal C.MartinColborne, ONRCE, RCR; Second World War
Apr 1976CplH.Martin
03 Mar 1998James K.MartinBrampton, ONRCR; Second World War
1996MilfordMartinLethbridge, ABRCR;
1993MiltonMartinMillbrook, ONRCR, RCCS; Korean War
07 Sep 2011SgtPaulMartinGagetown, NB
Sgt Martin was posted to Joint Personnel Support Unit at CFB Gagetown(JPSU), and was previously with 2RCR and the Infantry School.
21 May 1992Mr.RayMartinLondon, ON
1999Cpl (Ret'd)JerryMartinakWindsor, ONRCR; Second World War
1982WOF.L.MasonRoberts Creek, BC
Feb 1977SgtG.Mason
25 Jan 2012CaptLinden Colin Rupert Gosling YungMasonKingston, ON
Capt Mason was posted to Gagetown, NB and was an instructor with A Company, the Infantry School, CTC. He was on course at CFB Kingston at the time of his death. Capt Mason has been an officer in The RCR since 2007, when he was posted to 2 RCR and eventually commanded Recce Platoon. Capt Mason deployed to Afghanistan with the OMLT in 2010, and afterwards he was posted to the Infantry School, instructing on the DP 3B and the Adv Recce Patrolman courses.
14 Oct 1988PteP.M.MassonCallander, ON
26 Nov 1987CplW.MatchettChurchill, NB
10 Jul 2004Maj (Ret'd)W.G.MatesTillsonburg, ON
19 Sep 1972LColW.W.Mathers
07 Oct 1992PteC. RobertMathesonPictou, NSSF6312, The RCR, Korean War; age 58
1992SgtGordonMathesonLeamington, ONRCR; Second World War
Jan 1934 William WallaceMathesonHalifax, NSP.F.; First World War
06 Apr 1991SgtDaniel H.MathewsTrenton, ONRCR; Second World War, Regular Force
14 Aug 1982WOR. (Bob)MathewsLondon, ON
02 Feb 2006B.W. (Sam)MatthewsLondon, ON
1999CplKenneth R.MatthewsCalgary, AB1st Bn, RCR; Second World War, Korean War
Oct 1973Frederick GeorgeMaudsley
1992PteJoseph L.MaureWindsor, ONRCR; Second World War
08 Jan 1990Mr.GeorgeMaxamVanier, ON
14 Mar 1978MajE.K.Maxted
18 Mar 2006Maj Rev. CanonKenneth E.MaxtedToronto, ON
1997CplRobert W.MayLondon, ONAir Force, RCR;
21 Apr 1987MWO (Ret'd)W.J.MayhewSidney, BCCD
22 Nov 1985Sgt (Ret'd)J.L.MazerolleLondon, ON
Sep 1977Mr.A.J.McAdam
16 Sep 1965JamesMcAdamSaskatoon, SKFirst World War
Apr 2006JohnMcArdleLondon, ON
23 Nov 1991Mr.C.M.McArthurTillsonburg, ON
03 Jan 2004SgtJoseph P.McAugheyLondon, ONRCR, RCAF, RCASC, RCEME; Second World War, Korean War
23 Jan 1979Mr.R.V.McBride
27 Nov 1986PteJ.D.McCallumHalifax, NS
18 Oct 2004Charles PatrickMcCarthyHampton, NS
11 Apr 2000PteFoster F.McCarthyTruro, NSRCR; Second World War
Dec 1972MichaelMcCauge
28 Feb 1998AlexMcCollLondon, ON
1992CplWalter D.McConkeyWaterloo, ONRCR; Second World War
16 Jun 2005M.McConnelAylmer, ON
07 Jul 10GordonMcConnellPenetanguishene ON
09 Sep 1965Dr.A.S.McCormickAkron, OHSouth African War
1992PteArchibald M.McCormickAlexandria, ONRCE, 1 RCR; Korean War
08 Aug 1961PteL.J.McCormickLondon, ONAge 61
14 Feb 2005Col (Ret'd)T.R.McCoyOttawa, ON
1998WODonald W.McCraeIngersoll, ONRCR, Cdn Gds, RCOC; Korean War, Regular Force
25 Mar 1998MCplTerrance StevenMcCreaZagreb, Republic of CroatiaCVWM
05 Jul 1981MajJockMcCrossmanToronto, ON
18 May 1980CSMJ.McCulloch
25 Oct 1997LCplThomas WMcCulloughCourtenay, BCRCR, RCAF; Korean War, Regular Force
2001LCplArchie L.McCurdyONRCR; Second World War
25 Sep 1972William HaroldMcDanielsRCAMC; 1RCR Korea
17 Dec 1938SgtPercyMcDermottHalifax, NS12795
2001PteGeorge A.McDonaldCopper Cliff, ONRCR; Korean War
16 Dec 1987PteH.E.McDonaldOrillia, ON
May 1976Mr.J.S.McDonald
1997Lorne G.McDonaldONRCR;
03 Jun 1989Orland G.McDonaldSouthampton, ONRCR; Second World War, Regular Force
22 Nov 2006MajArchibald CameronMcDonnellLondon, ON
Second World War RSM (1942-44); Company Commander 3RCR Korea
08 May 1968WOMichael PatrickMcDonnellPetawawa, ONServing with 1RCR; parachute training exercise - CVWM
2000DanielMcDougallGlace Bay, NSRCR; Regular Force
26 Jul 2000DanielMcDougallGlace Bay, NS.
06 Jul 2006Raymond W. "Magoo"McEachernHalifax, NS22 years CF service; CFE, 3 Cyprus tours; Age 65
07 Jun 2005LCplV.McFadderLondon, ON
05 Oct 1973Thomas A.McFarlane
21 Mar 2004SgtW.E. (Bill)McFarlaneRusagonis, NBCD
14 Dec 1993PteMauriceMcGaheyOshawa, ONB132567, The RCR, Second World War; age 71
10 Sep 2012Morris HenryMcGarrigleFredericton Junction NB
He was Black Watch then transferred to the RCR where he spent the rest of his military career.
22 Sep 1989Mr.J.E.McGeanThornton, ON
1999PteGeorge D.McGeeLondon, ON2nd Bn RCR; Korean WarCanadian Forces.
31 Jan 1981PteJ.I.McGibbonAntigonish, NS
28 Jan 1989CplP.McGinnisWoodstock, ON
15 Dec 1994PteTerrence P.McGrailSutton, ONRCR; Regular Force; Age 65
07 May 1995Carl MichaelMcGrathMcGrath's Cove, NSAge 62
27 Feb 2013James Cornelius
McGuireLondon, ON
Jim proudly served his country with the Canadian Armed Forces with duties in Korea, Germany, Egypt, Cyprus and Alert. Jim served for a time as the ETQMS of 1RCR. He was also an active member of The RCR Association, including the Home Station London and District Branch, and a member of the KVA. He was 85.
09 Apr 1995ArthurMcInnisLondon, ONAge 58
10 Apr 2008MCplP.T.A. "Junior"McInnisLondon, ON1RCR (1961-1991)
1999PteHoward P. (Howie)McInteeToronto, ONRCR; Korean War
1997PteMelMcInteeWelland, ONRCR; Korean War
11 May 2000PteDuncan A.McIntyreCalgary, ABRCR; Second World War, Korean War
24 Dec 1982LColE.McIntyreCambridge, ONED, CD
19 Mar 2007 Michael Gerald (Buck)McIntyreLondon, ON2RCR
2003Ronald G.McIntyreONPictou Highrs, 4 RCR; Second World War
02 Apr 1989PteG.R.McKayVancouver , BC
29 Mar 1979SgtR.J.McKean
1996SgtJack A.McKeeChapleau, ONRCR; First World War, Second World War
26 May 1971Archibald JosephMcKenzieNew Waterford, NSFirst World War; age 68
31 May 1988Mr.R.McKielOromocto, NB
11 Feb 2000DonaldMcKigganSault Ste Marie, ONRCR; Second World War
07 April 2012Capt (Ret'd)Edward Hubert
McKillopSydney, NS
He served proudly with both the 1st Battalion The Black Watch of Canada and, after 1970, with the 2 RCR. He had a very distinguished sporting record in the Army throughout the 1950s and 1960s, being a champion boxer in three different weight divisions, including lightweight, middleweight, and light-heavyweight. Capt McKillop served in Aldershot, NS, Gagetown and Germany.
02 Apr 1982PteThomas H.McKinnieStrathroy, ON
29 Nov 2004Capt (Ret'd)DonMcKinnonGuelph, ON
24 Oct 1971MajPeter MichaelMcLaughlinVictoria, BC
Second World War; 6th Gurkha Rifles; Indian Army, and The RCR; age 58
12 Jun 2000MajB.J.M.McLeanGibson, BC
29 Nov 1993RSM (WO1)Duncan (Jock)McLeanCold Lake, AB
A & S Highrs of Canada, RCR; First World War, Second World War; Age 94
1996PteRussell T.McLeanToronto, ONRCR; Korean War
01 Aug 2000CaptD.J.McLellanNorth York, ON
12 Apr 1995W.F.McLellanKingston, ON
27 Dec 1992Mr.H. DouglasMcLennanNew Hamburg, ONThe RCR, Second World War; age 78
20 Oct 2001SgtMcLeodPort Caledonia, NS
2002DonMcLeodKitchener, ONRCR; Korean War
1936Lieut.-Col.G.W.McLeod DSO; C.O. The RCR for 4 months in 1918.
06 Sep 1919PteThomasMcLeodHamilton, ON477653; RCR CEF
1993SgtNorman J. DCMMcMahonErin, ONRCR; Second World War
18 Apr 1993SgtNorman JohnMcMahonCaledon, ONDCM (Rimini Airfield, 16 Sep 1944); The RCR, Second World War
26 Apr 1943SgtWalter H.McMahonLondon, ONAge 79
04 Jun 1991Mr.K.McMenamieToronto, ON
1992CplCollinMcMichaelWinnipeg, MBRCASC; RCR; Second World War
Feb 1975NeilMcMillan
Aug 1977BdsmW.W.McMorrow
26 Aug 1989Mr.WilliamMcMullenLondon, ON
17 Jun 2011CplJohn James Gordon "Jamie"McMullinGagetown, NBHe was a serving member of 2 RCR.
05 Jan 2005Charles O.McNabbToronto, ON
09 Feb 1972CharlesMcNair
26 Nov 2003KennethMcNameeLondon, ON
16 Feb 1989Mr.C.D.McNeilGoderich, ON
03 Apr 1991PteJohn J.McNeillCalgary, ABRCR; Regular Force
1992SgtStanley C.McNiffLondon, ONRCR; Second World War, Korean War
1999SgtKenneth V.McOrmondEtobicoke, ON
118th Field Company, RCE, RCR, RCAF; Second World War, Korean War
05 May 1967PteMichael JosephMcPhieSaint John, NBFirst World War; age 71
29 Jan 1998WODonaldMcRaeIngersoll, ON
27 Feb 1973John MalcolmMcRae
17 Nov 2002CharlesMcRitchieBothwell, ON
27 Mar 2012 Beverly HendersonMcTaggartLondon, ON
Born July 10, 1928, he joined the Royal Canadian Regiment and served overseas in Germany for 2 years. Upon his return he settled his young family in London where he was a member of the Pioneer Platoon of the 2nd Battalion RCR. After leaving the military, he did varied jobs, such as driving a taxi to owning the Lakeside Hotel in Port Stanley. He was 84.
29 Apr 1981MajMikeMcTagueOromocto, NB
Feb 1929PteArchieMcVicarHalifax, NSEnlisted 1905, First World War veteran
08 Dec 1967CQMSW. Charlie "Darkie"MeadowsUKThe RCR 1932-44
31 Jan 2012Maj (Ret'd)Lloyd Grandjean
Meckbach, CDBrentwood Bay, BC
He served with 3RCR (London and Oxford Fusiliers) from 1959-1962 until he became an officer in the Regular Force in 1962. He served with such units as the 2nd and 1st Bn Canadian Guards, 2 PPCLI, CTC, Canadian Airborne Regiment (2 Commando), and 3 PPCLI. Major Meckbach retired from the Regular Force in 1985, but continued to serve in the CF with the Militia and the Cadet Corps until 2007.
In total he served a remarkable 48 years in the CF.
13 Mar 2005Maj (Ret'd)R.D. "Dick"MedlandONDSO, CD
17 Aug 1995Thomas F.MeehanVerdun, PQ
1995Thomas F.MeehanVerdun, QCRCR;
27 Aug 2003PteThomas L.MeekingBelle River, ON2nd Bn RCR
22 Mar 2008 JackMeeksPembroke, ON
RCN; The RCR; the Canadian Guards; the Cameron Highlanders; 427 Sqn and the Lanark and Renfrew Scottish
17 Dec 2002StuMeeksBelleville, ON
2002PteStuart A.MeeksON1RCR, PWOR; Korean War
1991PteArnold L.MehlenbacherFort Erie, ONRCR, CAC; Second World War, Korean War
26 Aug 2004CplPerry L.MeikleKamsack, SKRCR; Korean War
19 Aug 1919PteDelbert D'ArcyMeisterKentville, NS3181608; RCR CEF
23 May 1997CplPaul DominicMelansonDigby, NSMM; RCR, RCE; Second World War
03 Sep 2006WOFrank RobertMellishKandahar, Afghanistan1RCR BG, Afghanistan; CVWM
12 June 2013JimMelsomPeace River, Al
Due to an accident on 12 June 2013 on the back trails near Peace River, Alberta. Jim was a former serving Royal (member of N Coy 3 RCR in Sarajevo 1992), a member in good standing of the CWO Bobby Girouard (Alberta) Branch of The RCR Association, and a Canadian Ranger. He was well known in the Branch for his intense loyalty to the Regiment. Jim will be missed greatly, he was 45.
01 May 1993PteG.MendalSaint John, NB
1991John J.MenziesVerdun, QCRCR; Korean War
Sep 1974W.Menzies
22 Jun 1983ThomasMephamCharlton, ON
8 Mar 2007MajGorden GladstoneMercerSt John, NLChaplain, 3RCR Korea; 1st and 2nd Cdn Gds
30 May 1993PteMatthewMerkoRevelstoke , BCRCR; Second World War
21 Jun 2005Cpl (Ret'd)C.S.MerlinHastings, ONCD
06 Dec 1975PteGordon F.MerlinHalifax, NSAge 55
10 Dec 1994Reginald G.MerryCalgary, ABAge 68
9 Mar 2008 RossMesservey Age 79
1997James G.MeszarosONRCR; Second World War
22 Jun 2005Mr.E.MetcalfeScarborough, ON
23 Jan 2013Robert
MetcalfeThedford, ON

Robert (Bobbie) Metcalfe spent the majority of his life as a proud soldier in The Royal Canadian Regiment in both London and Ipperwash. He also participated on overseas peacekeeping missions. He was 85.

15 May 1985PteF.P.Metz (Ret'd)Kitchener, ON
2003PteJohn A.MickleLondon, ON48th Highrs, 1 RCR; Second World War
18 May 1994LtLeonard M.MilesOakville, ONThe RCR, Second World War; Italy (WIA, POW)
02 Nov 1993SgtMillegeMillardAylmer, ONA3882, The RCR, Second World War; age 75
12 Mar 2008LColAlexander GeorgeMillerNew Maryland, ONMMM, CD; Black Watch, The RCR
08 Apr 1998PteCecil L.MillerCambridge, ONRCR; Second World War
12 Mar 2000PteCharles H. (Chas)MillerBarrie, ONRCR; Second World War
1 Sep 2013Donald S.
MillerKingston, On
Donald S. "Dusty" Miller passed away this past weekend. Born 18 May 1934 he was 79 years of age. Dusty Miller served in the Canadian army for 25 years. He was a member of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the Canadian Guards; from 06 July 1970 he served in 3rd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment. Dusty enjoyed people and life but most of all his family, western novels and the Toronto Maple Leafs. He will be missed!
4 Jul 1966MajEdgar L.MillerLondon, ONServed in the Navy during Second World War, and the RCR in Korea
2002PteHarold J.MillerLondon, ONRCR; Second World War
1997CplJohnMillerON2nd Bn Cdn Gds, 3rd Bn RCR;
24 Oct 2012Capt (Ret'd)J.E. "Rick"MillerToronto, On
Born in 1917, he was 95 years of age. Captain Miller was Adjutant of 3 RCR when that unit deployed to Korea in March 1953. During its combat tour in Korea, 3 RCR fought in the battle of Hill 187, 02-03 May 1953 and was still serving in Korea at the time of the armistice on 27 July 1953. The Battalion continued to serve in Korea until March 1954.
28 Jul 2006Sgt (Ret'd)J.R.MillerWasaga Beach, ON
10 Aug 1989CplWilfred R.MillerWindsor, ONRCR; Korean War
08 Sep 1983Mr.R.M.MilletWinnipeg, MB
22 Dec 1987Mr.J.MilleyThedford, ON
18 Jun 2011Maj (Ret'd)CraigMillsAngier, NC
'50s & 60s NCO with 3RCR (PRes). Later he served as an Officer with The Canadian Guards, then as a Public Affairs Officer where he became the Editor of Sentinel Magazine, and retired as a Major.
01 Jul 1997CplJames R.MillsLondon, ONRCR; Second World War, Korean War
07 Jul 2005Joseph A.MillsWindsor, ON
2005CplJoseph A.MillsONRCR; Korean War
07 Apr 2005PteRalphMillsMontreal, PQ477590; RCR CEF
28 Jun 1995CplTimMillsSussex, NBEME Branch soldier; served with 2RCR in Bosnia
04 Feb 1971SgtWilliam "Billy"MillsLondon, ONBelieved to be the last surviving participant in the North West Rebellion campaign of 1885. 7th Regiment of Fusiliers.
2005Henry A.MiskiwOnt.RCR; Second World War
22 Jan 1981MajAlexander Forsyth(Sandy)MitchellVancouver, BCSecond World War
Apr 1975C.R.Mitchell
13 Jun 1980PteDanielMitchellLondon, ONAge 75
3 Oct 2006CplRobert Thomas JamesMitchellOwen Sound, ON1RCR BG, Afghanistan (RCD) - CVWM
1997PteRoy L.MitchellScarborough, ONRCR; Second World War
2004PteTed A.MitchellAylmer, ONRCR; Second World War
1998PteDouglas R.MittonNB1st Bn, RCR;
29 Aug 10 Maj JohnMoffatt Kingston ON
12 May 1933SgtErnest JohnMoignardHalifax, NS15157; Age 29
20 Feb 1983SgtH.A.MollisonHalifax, NS
10 Dec 2007LGenBobMoncelHalifax, NSSecond World War (The RCR); Armoured Corps; age 91
04 Apr 2005BillMontBrockville, ON
Jan 1974JohnMontgomery
30 Jul 2011Sgt (Ret'd)Gordon Arthur
MoodiePerth, On
He served with 2RCR in Korea and his last few months served with the unit as an RP, then moved to the Canadian Provost Corps during his military service. After his retirement he was the Manager of the Centennial Centre at CFB Petawawa, then owned and operated Pinehurst Estates Mobile Home Park in Petawawa for over 20 years.
13 Dec 1992WOIRobert W.MoogkWaterloo, ONA4258, The RCR, Second World War, Reserve; age 80
03 May 1990Brig (Ret'd)W.J.MoogkSt. Catharines, ON
10 May 1988Mr.M.MooneyLondon, ON
22 May 2004Sgt(Paddy) JosephMooreLondon, ON
12 Jun 1985Mr.A.P.MooreLondon, ON
Aug 1998SgtD.P.MooreNS
05 Jul 2000Donavon F.MooreDauphin, MBRCR; Regular Force
16 Jun 2005EdwardMooreLondon, ONAge 65
29 May 2005PteGerald StuartMooreBurlington, ON2RCR; Age 54
22 Dec 2006 Harrison "Tony"MooreLondon, ONKorean War, 2RCR
21 Jun 1987CplJ.W.MooreKincardine, ON
1997PtePatrick L.MooreSaint John, NBRCR; Second World War
13 Mar 2013JimMorriceLondon, ON
Jim was an RCR Veteran of the Korean War and a PUM of The RCR Association.
08 Jan 2004Capt (Ret'd)T.MoranLeamington, ONCD
Apr 1977PteH.Morash
1995SgtHaroldMoreauSt-Hyacinthe, QCRCR, 4th Med Regt; Second World War
26 Mar 1915QMSI (WOII)William P.MorganMontreal, PQRCR CEF; Regt no. 5247
19 Jan 2005JohnMoriceSackville, ON
2005JohnMoriceNBRCR; Korean War
07 Feb 2000AlbertMorleyPetrolia, ON
18 Sep 2006CplKeith IanMorleyKandahar, Afghanistan1RCR BG, Afghanistan (2 PPCLI); ex-3RCR - CVWM
Sep 1975P.Morneau
21 Dec 2007 Charles ThomasMorningstarStrathroy, ONKorean War, 3RCR
1992Marshall R.MorphetRexdale, ONRCR; Korean War
08 May 1969SgtAlbert JohnMorrisBCFirst World War; age 85
07 Feb 1993PteHenry N.MorrisMulgrave, NSF45048, The RCR, Second World War; age 84
05 May 2012 Sgt (Ret'd)PhillipMorrisEdmonton, AB
Sgt Phil Morris served with 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment and later, from 1968, with 2 Commando, Canadian Airborne Regiment, at Edmonton.
1999MCplRaymondMorrisAB1&2 Black Watch, 2RCR
12 Oct 1992WOAngus A. (Scotty)Morrison, CDLondon, ONRCR; Second World War
19 Oct 1995SgtP.I.MorrisonHuron Park, ON
18 Jan 191773172 PrivateRobertMorrison28th Battalion Canadian Infantry Battalion, Prior service: 3 years prior service in The RCR, KIA, Buried: Bois-du-Noilette British Cemetery, France
09 Jun 2005Mr.R.MorrowAlmonte, ON
Dec 1975Mr.J.Morton
Apr 1974Harold B.Mosdell
27 Dec 2009Sgt Earl WallaceMosherBridgewater, NSServed with 1 RCR and 3 Mechanized Commando
14 Dec 2002David E.MossCambridge, ONRCR; Second World War
2002PteDouglasMoultonONRCR; Regular Force
16 Feb 1995SgtWilliam H.MountLondon, ONRCR; Second World War; Age 92
Jul 1975MCplJ.E.J.Mourant
05 Sep 1968LtGeorgeMowatVictoria, BCFirst World War
01 Nov 1989Lt.LairdMowattToronto, ON
09 Nov 2012John GlyndowerMarlowWinnipeg, MB
Born in Nova Scotia, John joined the Armed Forces in 1957 and proudly served for 25 years with The Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) and the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI), NORAD, NATO, and the United Nations. Following retirement from the CF, he worked for Bristol Aerospace, and was also a vocal advocate for Veteran's compensation and pension benefits. He was 71 years of age.
28 Aug 1968PteEarl W.MuiseLondon, ON2RCR 1958-63; age 29
2001CplJosephy R.MuiseNSRCR; Regular Force
2006CaptCyril K.MulcahyONRCR; Second World War
29 Dec 1987MajJ.A.MullarkeyOttawa, ONCD
29 Apr 1971PteC.W.MulliganLively, ONSecond World War; age 53
6 Nov 2007CplGaryMullinPetawawa; ONServing with LFCA TC Detachment Petawawa
30 Jun 1968CaptMercerMullinCharlottetownSecond World War; Korean War; age 48
1996PteAlistairMunroHalifax, NSRCR; Korean War
2006LtDonald A.MunroeONRCR, Oxford Rifles
08 Sep 1982WOJackMurdockHarvey Station, NB
19 Dec 1990CplRobertMurdock, MMMilton, ONRCR; Second World War
2004Raymond J.MurleyScarborough, ONRCR;
31 Aug 1950PteDaniel JosephMurphy, MMKilled by a prematurely exploding mortar bomb from a 2 RCR Mortar on 31 Aug 1950, at Petawawa during live fire training prior to deployment. - CVWM - Note on MM
25 Dec 1961PteJames J.MurphyLondon, ONAge 65
27 Jan 2004CplJames(Jamie) BrendanMurphyKabul, Afghanistan3RCR BG, Afghanistan - CVWM
27 Feb 2004PtePaul W.MurphyGibsons, BCRCR; Korean War
30 Jan 2004PteReginaldMurphyWolfville, NSRCR; Second World War
09 Oct 1972Robie C.Murphy
30 Aug 1983T.J.MurphyLucan, ON
15 Sep 1988Mr.G.L.MurraySt. Catherines, ON
1990LSgtGeorgeMurrayLondon, ONRCR, HLI; Second World War
1997SgtIvan C.MurraySaint John, NBRCR; Second World War
02 Dec 1979Mr.H.Muschamp
2003WO IIRobert B.MylesOttawaRCR, Cdn Guards; Second World War, Korean War

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